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The Revive RH1 is the stick you have been waiting for! The RH1 is comprised of 100% aerospace grade 18k carbon fiber. The stick is very light at 410 grams but provides amazing puck feel and a lightning quick release. The textured blade provides amazing consistency regardless of release point. With every major curve and flex to choose from, there is no reason to use anything else!

Curve Comparison

REVIVE CURVE  Bauer CCM Warrior True
R88 P88 P30 W88 MC
RM9 PM9 P14 W01 MC2


P92 P29 W03 TC2


P28 P28 W28 TC4


P02 P38 W02 HC5


P91A P15 W05 HCR


Weight  410 Grams
Length 60 Inches