About Us

Revive Hockey was founded by Ryan Donahue to provide hockey players with the gear they want without the insane prices demanded through traditional channels. Our objective is to grow organically, player by player, team by team, and rink by rink so that we can provide an alternative to the major brands and traditional retail mark ups. We are in the business because we love hockey and we love hockey players. Join us on our journey to take hockey back from shoe companies and revive the player led history of our sport.

About Ryan

I have played hockey for over 25 years and have been in love with it since the first time I put skates on. It's not just the game that I love but also the community that is built around the game. Nearly all of my deepest friendships began at the rink and as I get older I have come to appreciate the community even more. Another thing that I have always loved about the game is the gear. I can remember studying the paper catalogs as a kid, spending hours in the hockey store going over every detail of the newest piece of gear, always dreaming of playing with the latest and greatest. Every single Christmas and birthday present from my parents was always hockey gear and I still have a deep fondness for hockey equipment. As I grew up and had to pay for the gear myself I started to take notice of the acceleration of equipment pricing. I saw the direct to consumer business model disrupting markets all over the place and I knew that I would love to apply the idea to hockey. My objective is to build a company that puts the hockey player first, listens to and incorporates feedback in product development, and ultimately gives players an option beyond huge shoe brands masquerading as hockey companies.