Build Your Ultimate Player

Build Your Ultimate Player

I often find myself playing Dr. Frankenstein in an attempt to build the ultimate hockey player based on taking certain attributes or skills from some players and combining them into one ultimate hockey player. This probably stems from the hundreds (or thousands) of create-a-player scenarios I went through playing NHL growing up but I still find it to be an interesting thought experiment. These are the attributes or skills that I isolate from current NHL players:




Skating Speed

Skating Agility




Snap/Wrist Shot

One Timer/Slap Shot

Heres what I have:

Size: Joe Thornton (FLA) Who doesn't want to be the biggest (skilled) guy on the ice? 

Physical/Hitting: Alexander Romanov (MTL) The reigning champion of the big hit

Fighting: Ryan Reaves (NYR) Undisputed heavyweight champion of the league

Skating Speed: Connor McDavid (EDM) duh

Skating Agility: Cale Makar (COL) Modern day Bobby Orr

Stickhandling: Alexander Barkov (FLA) So smooth

Creativity: Alex Texier (CBJ) See one handed shootout move

Passing/Vision: Sidney Crosby (PIT) See any Pittsburg game in the last 15 years

Snap/Wrist Shot: Auston Mathews (TOR) Insane release with accuracy to spare

One Timer/Slap Shot: Alexander Ovechkin (WSH) Most PP goals of all time

What do you have?

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